Cam & 1/2™ Performance System

The cam that has it all: speed, smoothness and accuracy.

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When we introduced the Cam & 1/2™ Performance System, it revolutionized the archery industry. Since then, Hoyt Cam & 1/2 equipped bows have been responsible for thousands of tournament victories and trophies worldwide. Cam & 1/2 Performance Systems are engineered to be easy to draw, aim and shoot in high adrenaline situations, like drawing back on the buck of a lifetime or clinching a World Championship Gold Medal in a shoot-off. The top and bottom cams are linked together by the control cable, meaning that both cams fire at the exact same time, every time—resulting in ultimate consistency and accuracy. That’s why Cam & 1/2 has been the most successful system introduced in the past decade. Take your shooting to the highest level with the Cam & 1/2 Performance System.


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