5 Layer Lamination™

Legendary Hoyt limb durability comes from our strict lamination process and rigorous testing standards.

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Virtually bullet-proof. We’re constantly hearing about limbs breaking in the market. Thankfully they’re not ours. How many bow companies build their limbs to withstand 1,000 dry-fires*? Only Hoyt builds rock-solid limbs engineered to survive such rigorous testing standards. XTS Pro Arc Limbs are contoured, pre-stressed and laminated with our proprietary 5 Layer Lamination process incorporating Uniform Stress Distribution (USD) Technology. The result? A perfectly engineered stress profile that eliminates “hot spots” that plague lesser quality flat-glass and solid limb designs. Hoyt XTS Pro Arc Limbs are without question the strongest, most dependable, longest-lasting limbs you’ll find anywhere.


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